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When do muscles “appear”?

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This question took me back to the years when I also believed that muscles would appear from somewhere. I only need to go to the gym and voila. Yes, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.

Nothing “just” appears! To become a professional in a given field and see results, with most cases, you need many hours, days, weeks, even years of purposeful work, study, and self-improvement. It is no different for the exercises and diet. 

Muscle does not come as a winning ticket from the national lottery. Next time, ask someone with well-developed muscles what has cost him to get in shape in terms of time, knowledge, weights, training, food, nutrition and money.

“The Killer Workout” and “The Magic Diet Plan”

It is naive to believe in “the killer” programs that will bring out your abs in 6 weeks or the version of a hero who has become a professional bodybuilding competitor with two years of training experience. Sounds good, and it makes you wanna buy it (whether its a “revolutionary training program” or “a miracle diet plan”), but in practice, it not that easy! 

Even if you witness quick results through great efforts, these programs and diets will not build healthy and permanent habits in your life, and they also take a heavy toll on your body and mind.

Everything takes time! No magic programs, no magic diets, no magic pills! It all comes down to the right training, the proper nutrition, and the right amount of recovery time (rest days).

And that’s not all! When you find your workout and diet plan and start putting the puzzle pieces together, you have to do it week after week, month after month, year after year. Be consistent, smart, and determined! Only then will the muscles “appear,” but this “appearance” will surprise others, not to you, because month after month, you chased every millimeter. You have “dug,” you have “plowed,” you have “watered” and “grown,” and only now is the time to harvest!

Choose your workout, choose your diet plan. Make steady and consistent planning. Health Culture App gives you all the tools you need.

Stop believing in miracles! Everything is in your hands!

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