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Four Big Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

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№1: Focus on lifting as bigger weight as possible (or not)

All of us are familiar that for a muscle to become bigger, we must lift heavy weights and become stronger and lift even heavier weights, etc. ! But accepting this truth literally may lead to one of the biggest mistakes. What are we talking about?

Focusing on lifting heavy weights, without monitoring correct execution is the biggest mistake we can make during a workout. This kind of mistake may harm us. Lifting, shaking, rocking, and any position and performance of the exercise that is not clean and strict is a sure recipe for trauma, and at best, you will not load the muscle properly.

Controlled exercise execution, with a clear positive and negative phase, is a guarantee that all the weight will load precisely the trained muscle or muscle groups. If we perform the exercise correctly and with more than 8-10 reps, then we can think of increasing the weight load!

№2: Great diversity (not following the plan)

Many people will not agree with me, but believe me, the great variety and frequent changes in your workout plan and exercises do not necessarily lead to better results. There is no point in changing your workout often!  Not until you build your muscles as big as the professional bodybuilders in the magazines that recommend it.

Exercises that build muscles and can work for us, “ordinary enthusiasts,” are not so many. There is no way to replace the Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Military Presses, Barbell Rowing, Dips, pull-ups, and achieve the same results if we don’t include them in our routines. These exercises are the foundation of the great workouts!

Stay motivated and be patient. Don’t quit or change your plan if you do not witness results as quickly as you wish.

№3: Staying at the same place for a long time

Тhis mistake may sound the opposite of the above, but the main point of strength training is to lift a challenging weight to stress your body. Thus, as a protective reaction, the body will adapt over time in the form of increased strength, bigger or more toned muscles, improved work capacity, etc.

Considering that execution is acceptable, and you reached that 8-10 rep range, it’s wise to think about increasing the weight so your muscles can’t adapt and stop growing. If you continue training with the same weight, you will not have any progress.

This is the so-called de-adaptation method in bodybuilding. You can implement it in the form of increasing the weight load, the reps, or changing the exercise. 

№4: Impatience

That’s the reason for a lot of failures. Everyone has faced the powerful desire for quick results. Let me tell you something! There are no quick results, at least not quick, and safe and natural! You cannot increase your muscle mass drastically in a month or two; it can take a lot more time than that.  We have to be patient and enjoy every millimeter, every gram added on the bar or scale. These are the first signs of progress! Millimeter by millimeter will become centimeter. Gram by gram will grow in a kilogram. This is the road, and it is long! Load up with patience and composure, even if there are no visible results yet! Do not deviate from your plan, because the one who gives up will never reach the goal, and the one who reached it never gives up!

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