A calendar planner for your workouts and meals

Your workouts and meals for the month at a glance!

Daily progress screen

Quick menu


Create, edit and manage your workout plans!

Create a workout split, a single workout, or a home workout plan. 

Add exercises, super-sets, drop sets, and even HIIT routines.

Edit the reps, weight, time and rest for each set.

Active workout mode!

With the active workout mode, you will never waste your time in the gym.

Your sets will be recorded, so you can improve with each workout!


Health Culture is an iOS application, which helps you to create and plan a workout and meal plan.

You can create a meal plan or a workout plan from scratch or customize a plan from our rich library.

The app gives you complete nutrition information and statistics for your meals, thus you can create and the perfect meal plan.

Everything. You can add the desired number of days for your meal plan, meals for each day, foods, recipes, portions, servings, etc.

For a workout plan, you can add the desired number of workout days and rest days for your split, add single exercise, super-set, HIIT, warm-up and cool-down.

We have more than 1000 exercises in our database, including fitness, yoga (100+), bodyweight, Pilates (100+), HIIT, CrossFit, posture correction, etc

We have more than 15000 foods, with complete nutrition information of more than 40 vitamins and minerals, as well as more than 200 recipes with video instructions.

The meal plan module consists of more than 10 complete weekly meal plans, including Vegan meal plan, Vegetarian meal plan, Weight gain meal plans, Weight loss meal plan, Keto meal plan, Detox meal plan, and more

We also have more than 200 recipes, with video instructions, which can be added to any of the meal plans.

This module gives you the option to create, edit and plan a whole workout routine. 

You can create or edit a plan, using more than 1000 exercises, with video instructions. You can add a single exercise, or a super-set. You can even create a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.

Use the calendar, to plan your workouts and meals. It gives you a visual representation of your workout and meal plan. 

You have many options here as well. Skip your workout, set different start time, check mark your completed meals, etc.

Quickly add a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner, or start a workout on the fly mode.

All products from a diet plan and recipes can be extracted to a shopping list.

You can extract and merge shopping lists. For example you can create a shopping list for each day of your meal plan, or to merge day 1 and day 2, etc.

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