Band assisted Pull-ups

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Band assisted pull-up


This pull-up variation is a great way to start with pull-ups, even if you can’t do a single rep. Or, it’s a great way to improve your reps and overall pull-up strength, by utilizing the resistance bands in a drop set of pull-ups. 

The technique is relatively simple.

1️⃣ Tie an endless resistance band around the pull-up bar. The strength of the resistance band will depend on your current fitness and strength level. 

2️⃣ Put one foot into the lower loop of the band and push your leg down to stretch the band a little. Then grab a steady hold on the pull-up bar with your hands. In most cases use a normal grip, slightly wider than shoulder-width.

❗ Do not go too wide, because this will cause unnecessary pressure and strain on your shoulder and can lead to shoulder pain and even injury

3️⃣ Hang on the bar, your one foot (or knee) stretching the band. Pull your body up, so your chin reaches above the bar, then lower down. 

4️⃣ Repeat for as many reps as desired

❗ Perform the exercise slowly and controlled. No excessive movements, no uncontrolled swinging.

❗ If you cannot maintain proper form, it is better not to push yourself far beyond your limit, or you risk shoulder injuries.

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