The Negative Pull-Up

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The Negative Pull-Up

The negative pull-up is a great way to start with pull-ups, even if you can’t do a single rep.

The technique is relatively simple.

  • 1. Bring a chair or a bench under the pull-up bar, then carefully climb onto it and grab the bar with your hands, and your feet steady on the bench.
  • 2. Slightly jump to reach the upper pull-up position, e.g bring your chin above the bar and bend your knees so your feet won't rest on the chair anymore.
  • 3. Then, only with your own strength, lower your body down slowly until your arms are fully extended.
  • 4. Then, step on the chair with your feet
  • 5. Repeat for as many reps as desired

The next step is to start doing assisted pull-ups on an assisted pull-up machine or with resistance bands. Read more at Dead hand pull up normal grip.

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