Hanging Knee Raises

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Hanging knee raises

The “Hanging Leg Raises” is the most effective exercise for developing core strength and getting those most desired 6-pack. 

The “Hanging Knee Raises” is an easier alternative. It also develops grip strength and the forearms.

1️⃣ Grip a bar overhead, so your body is in a straight line. Hold a steady grip and firmly engage your core. Do not relax your shoulders, keep them engaged as well.

2️⃣ Slowly and controlled, lift your knees until the hips are perpendicular to the ground or slightly above.

3️⃣ Lower down your knees to the initial position

❗ Avoid swinging your body throughout the exercise

 Exercising the abdominal muscles is aimed not only at improving body control, but also at fortifying muscular endurance.

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